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Archive for the ‘Self-Help’ Category

More about 1000 Beautiful Bracelets by Valerie Pole

Bruce Whitfield and 1000 Beautiful Bracelets

Bruce Whitfield, Radio 702 Money Show

Listen to this podcast of Bruce Whitfield interviewing Valerie Pole about her book and business,1000 Beautiful Bracelets which she started because of the Money Show.

Valerie was also a finalist in the Women-Owned Enterprise Category of in the SA Premier Business Awards held last night.

1000 Beautiful Bracelets

Book details

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Book Launch: 1000 Beautiful Bracelets by Valerie Pole

1000 Beautiful Bracelets1000 Beautiful Bracelets

The Book Lounge and Modjaji Books are delighted to invite you to the launch of Valerie Pole’s book, “1000 Beautiful Bracelets”.

Join us for a glass of Leopard’s Leap wine and a discussion with Valerie Pole about how to make money out of a small investment.

Valerie will be joined by Shane Dryden, from Yuppiechef.

“1000 Beautiful Bracelets” is a motivational book about a woman who won a money show business start-up challenge.

The first part of the book is Valerie’s own weekly diary of the process, from the time she made an impulse phone call to the R1000 Money Show Challenge on Radio 702, to the time she won the competition.

The second part of the book is a self-help, motivational section giving tips on how the reader can succeed in starting up and profiting from their own small-capital business.

1000 Beautiful Bracelets

Event Details

  • Date: Tuesday, 25 March 2014
  • Time: 5:30 PM for 6:00 PM
  • Venue: The Book Lounge, 71 Roeland Street, Cnr Buitenkant & Roeland Street, Cape Town 8001
  • Guest Speaker: Shane Dryden
  • Refreshments: Come and join us for a glass of wine
  • RSVP: The Book Lounge,, 021 462 2425

Book Details

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Late summer sale on all Modjaji titles, new and old

A couple of times a year Modjaji Books has a book sale or a special offer – check this one out, and keep a small publisher afloat. We turn 7 this year, and this is one of the main ways we keep going, from your generous support in buying and reading our books. You might also want to consider buying our books for your favourite library. All the special offers include postage within South Africa. To destinations beyond SA, postage is excluded. Offer till end of March 2014. For more information about all the titles go to our website.

Don’t forget some of the titles you may not have read yet like The Blacks of Cape Town or even Whiplash by Tracey Farren (which is being made into a movie in October this year or maybe you have a friend who’s birthday is coming up and what about Bom Boy by Yewande Omotoso, the award-winning, multiple short-listed book.

These are our new titles

1000 Beautiful BraceletsNo Sacred Cows

Kholofelo Maenetsha’s debut novel To The Black Women We All Knew - will retail at R200, selling here for R180.
Christopher Nicholson’s short stories No Sacred Cows – retailing at R200, available now for R180. (A Hands-On title)
Valerie Pole’s 1000 Beautiful Bracelets – inspiring and motivational book for those who want to start a small or micro business of their own.

The Turtle Dove Told MePleasure-in-relating

Recent titles
The Turtle Dove Told Me – debut poetry by Thandi Sliepen retails at R150 – here for R120.
Pleasure-in-relating – debut poetry and memoir by Susan Groves retails at R150 – here for R120. (A Hands-On title)
The Treasure Punt by Peter Christie – a business title for those looking to be head-hunted and those that are head-hunters retails at R195, here for R170 (A Hands-On title)

All other titles are as follows
All Poetry titles R120 each (Retail for R150 on average)
All Short Story collections R140 each (Retail R150 to R180)
All Novels – R160 each (retail from R180 to R220)
All Non-fiction – R170 each (usually retail between R195 and R220)
Jabulani Means Rejoice – usually retails for R250 is available for R180 – very special offer
Small Publishers’ Catalogue, Africa 2013 is R50 – usually R150

What we need from you is your postal address and proof of payment.
Please email me at cdhiggs at to get the banking details and to let me have your order and your postal address. Once we have all of the above we will send you the books. Couldn’t be easier.

Bom Boy

Book details

eBook options – Download now!


eBook options – Download now!

1000 Beautiful Bracelets

The Turtle Dove Told Me

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A few of the hundreds of mistakes a publisher can make

I put this up on Facebook first, but the response both on the blog and in my Inbox was so rivetting I decided to publish it here on Book SA too. Sometimes I wonder why I decided to go into publishing, using my own money when it is a business that is so fraught with so many hundreds of places where you can go wrong. There is always a new possible error, mistake, blunder, oops, disaster. Some cost money, some cost face. It’s a business that keeps you humble and on your toes. Here are a few of the errors, please feel free to add your own, unless of course you have never experienced any. In which case, go away, this is not for you…

1. Allocate a previously allocated ISBN to a book
2. Allocate the right ISBN but the book is printed with the incorrect barcode/ISBN so that the ISBN on the imprint page and the back of the book aren’t the same and you have an incorrect ISBN on the book
3. Random blank pages in the book
4. Spell the author’s name incorrectly on the cover
5. tTypos
6. Book can be bound so that the pages fall out
7. Book can have sections wrongly bound together so page numbers are out of sequence
8. Printing not good enough, too light, pixellating happens
9. Badly bound so it looks like a cat has eaten the book inside out
10. Incorrect printer in imprint page
11. Forget to acknowledge a donor
12. Not have wide enough inside margins (gutters)
13. Spine incorrectly aligned
14. Spine not wide enough
15. Spine too wide
16. Spelling error in blurb
17. Incorrect no of pages in catalogue or in bookdata sapnet database or book incorrectly paginated in some way
18. Publish a book that the reps don’t want to sub or that shops don’t want to stock
19. Print too many copies of a book, way too many
20. Budget according to an old specification that has now changed to a more expensive one
21. Misplace an invoice book so you can’t work out the royalties correctly
22. Give authors too big a discount and thus run into cash flow problems
23. Pay authors their royalties in books
24. Think that if you go with a cheaper printer, the whole job will cost less
25. Think that if you go with a big, established printer that you will definitely get excellent service
26. Put the wrong printer’s name in the imprint page
27. Get some facts wrong in the book

If you want to follow the discussion that has already happened on my Facebook post have a look here

I haven’t made all of these blunders, although I have come close to doing all of them, but I’ve made enough of them to have very grey hair, a constant sense of anxiety and a highly developed sense of humour.

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Interview with Malika Ndlovu, author of Invisible Earthquake

Invisible Earthquake

Makhosazan Xaba, author of Tongues of their mothers, interviews Malika Ndlovu about how it was to publish Invisible Earthquake, her poetic memoir about her experience of stillbirth. The interview appears in the November 2009 eidtion of the South African Labour Bulletin. Xaba is a poet, she has had two collections published already. She regularly interviews creative South African women for the SALB.

Book details

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